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Major Discussions[edit]

Image suppression:

Meta side-discussions:

Initial proposal on en: by Carnildo, with early support on meta from User:Christiaan. A dozen other users began discussing how to implement a fair system that lets users choose what they wish to see. There was then vehement opposition on meta by User:GerardM and User:James F., and on en: by RickK. Gerard argued that "it is disgusting to suggest that the default should be to censored," suggesting that there would be no consensus on what to filter. Nickptar suggested offering a feature to suppress all images...

Creation of new VP section[edit]

Wikipedia:Village pump (perennial proposals) was created by JosephBarillari on May 1 after the Nth addition of a Village Pump suggestion to make filing in the summary field mandatory when editing a page.

Other proposals which have been included there so far:

  • Having a spelling checker for Edit Pages
  • Having a Wikimedia Affiliate ID to associate with ISBN numbers via links to the Amazon pages (for instance) for those books.

(see also [1], The recurring amazong question, Associates program, and (3.5 days later) Amazon experiment ended early.

Template images:

  • server overload, March (images still gone)
  • [[:de:Bild_Diskussion:Logo_Begriffsklärung.png#Vorlagen_-_Templates|dab template image] on de, en
  • Toytoy asked for the removal of (all) template icons, which he finds "useless" and "not informative," particularly the Wikiquote, Wikimedia Commons, and Wikisource icons. SimonP supported the idea of removing stub-template icons. Others, including Omegatron, Golbez, and Deco, voiced their support for using icons.

See also: Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2005-04-18/Template standardisation


New contests[edit]

New project proposals[edit]

  • Guide, CivicActivator
  • Wikipedia:WikiProject Ports is suggested by Mexaguil, after discovering there was no article on the world's biggest port, in Shangai. The project would cover "infoboxes and categories and simply expand the whole subject," using the Port of Singapore article as an initial guide.
  • MethodicEvolution pointed out on the VP the need for better interfaces to collections of biographies, art and artists, and maps. This was expressed in the form of a request for separate projects, but other users pointed out that the content in question belonged in Wikipedia.

New software and interface proposals[edit]

Lotsofissues says nearly every anon contribution must be edited redirected, or copyvio'ed, adding that this work is overwhelming "because of volume and the few editors who seem to be doing this."
  • Simplifying image uploads.
Stancel and Thryduulf asked for image uploads to be made easier: by allowing uploads from other websites (rather than requiring downloading any web content to one's own machine first), and allowing uploads of multiple files at once. Guety pointed out that Wikinewsie wikinews:User:IlyaHaykinson's Wikimedia Commonplace software provides for multiple file uploads.
Arguments against this mentioned that this would make it easier for new users to violate copyright; however Sketchee noted that it is a real hassle to uplod content from free online repositories like the Library of Congress due to this extra step.