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Sometimes, the wikistress just gets to be too much and as we slave over our keyboards, pasting the same template into 592 articles or correcting all the spelling mistakes in the article about robber baron Jay Gould, even we, the Wikipedians, must find some solace.

Please pick your favorite deity (for those of you who believe in them) and repeat after me:

Dear Jimbo,
Please help me find the strength in my mind, body, and soul,
To carry on,
Even though there really aren't any rewards to this,
And I can think of many things
I really should be doing now;
Let me find it in myself
To finish <insert name of wikipage>,
Even though the odds are slim that anyone will read it,
And it is so obscure that it may be cast wantonly to the AfD;
Let it be known that I tried,
And that in any case, this puts me one edit closer
To the exalted heights of
Top 1000 Most Active Wikipedians.
This we ask of you, Jimbo,
[Amen is optional]

If this alone is not enough, you may wish to consider confession.