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Hello, Donnauk, and welcome to Wikipedia!

Please remember that all your contributions here need to be all your own work, or taken from public domain sources.

Regards, The Anome 15:55, 1 Aug 2003 (UTC)

Dear Donna,

When you submitted the List of psychiatric medications page, you stated:

Written by myself Donna Oliver all of the research i have done and written in my notepad online for the use for this site to help others get the corrcet medication.

and yet the page appears to be identical to the page at

Could you please explain this?


The Anome 16:39, 1 Aug 2003 (UTC)

Dear Donna,

You are continuing to post cut-and-pasted copyrighted material from other websites here. Please do not do this; it causes other users problems, and wastes time deleting your contributions. We don't like to delete other people's contributions, but we cannot take other people's copyrighted work unless it is theirs to give.

This policy exists to keep Wikipedia free for everyone, something we cannot do if we accept material we cannot redistribute freely. That's why every time you click "save page", there's a licensing notice under the button: please read it.

I can see that you have read one of our copyright warning notices, because you have replaced it by an empty page.

If you want to add your own useful original content, we will welcome your contributions. However, if you continue to post other people's copyrighted material here, we will have to ban your user account.

If you would like to respond, please just edit this page.


The Anome 23:54, 1 Aug 2003 (UTC)